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Doula Care Services

Como chegamos até aqui

Desde nossa fundação em 2000, nos tornamos mestres em nosso ofício. Com um atendimento incomparável, temos o compromisso de fornecer produtos de qualidade e serviços excepcionais para que nossos clientes sempre voltem a nos procurar. Estamos constantemente nos aprimorando para expandir nossas ofertas a fim de melhor atender toda a região de São Paulo.

Amamentação do bebê


You may never do anything more powerful

There are few moments in your life that will be as powerful as the birth of your child. And yet, as powerful and meaningful as those moments may be, their memory tends to fade over time. If you’d like to capture the images from your birth and savor the scene and experiences of all in attendance, a birth photographer can do that for you.

Birth photography provides a visual story of your journey through labor, the people who surrounded you with support, the moment of meeting your baby and discovering them for the first time, and all the small details that tell the story of bringing your baby into this world. 

What is Birth Photography?

Here's what I can promise you...

My presence as your birth photographer allows you and your partner to completely experience the birth of your baby, knowing your memories are being professionally captured by someone who has both experience in attending births, as well as professional knowledge of their camera equipment. My attendance is discreet, allowing me to capture those intimate moments of your birth without interfering with your personal birth space.

Note: Birth photography may be limited in your chosen place of birth. Please inquire at your birth facility for restrictions.


My birth photography services include:

  • One prenatal Zoom session so I can learn your preferences

  • Presence at your place of birth when you are in active labor, and for the first hour after birth

  • Fully edited high-resolution digital image files with print release

  • A printed photo album


Investment: $1500

S., WA

“I'm super thankful to have worked with her, and I'm 100% sure that my birth experience wouldn't have been as positive without her."

K., WA

"I absolutely recommend Tais as a doula and will be hiring her again for my next birth."

L., WA

“Our labor room was filled with laughter, love, and fun- the perfect environment to bring our daughter into the world into!!”

frequently asked questions

  • Q: Are you available for my due date?
    Please call me or fill out my contact form and I will tell you if I am available for your due date. I limit the number of births I attend to 3 per month, and most people contact me when they are 4-6 months pregnant, but feel free to contact me at any point in your pregnancy.
  • Q: When should I hire you?
    As early as you feel working with me will be helpful to you. We can start to meet and get to know each other, explore your ideas and questions, make plans, and prepare for birth and postpartum whenever you are ready. For most people, that’s around 6-7 months into their pregnancy.
  • Q: What if I am planning a cesarean birth?
    I support you before, during, and after your birth wherever or however it occurs. Due to hospital policies, there are some things I might not be allowed to do. For example, I may not be allowed into the operating room with you. But here’s what I can control: I will be at the hospital with you before your birth to support you as you get ready to meet your baby. If I’m not allowed in the OR with you, I will wait for you in your labor room, or the waiting room, and then join you after your baby is born to help you get settled postpartum. I will visit you at home after you leave the hospital. My services and fee are the same for all types of birth, but we can negotiate if you have special circumstances.
  • Q: Do you have a backup?
    Yes, always. I structure my business to reduce the chance of ever needing one, but I work with another experienced doula to be there in my place in case of emergency, illness, or injury. A Meet & Greet can be arranged if you’d like to meet my backup doula. I ensure you will be covered if I can’t be there!
  • Q: How much experience do you have?
    I have been a doula since 2018 and have worked with over 100 families. You can read about my training and experience here. (link to About Me page)
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