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Kind Words

"Taís provided postpartum night care for our newborn this summer. She provided excellent care and was great to work with. We really appreciated her attention to detail and the way she shared the evening's topics with us. Due to complications , our son had a feeding tube for part of the time Tais helped care for him. We really appreciated the way Tais learned how to use the tube and helped him get the nutrition he needed, even if it wasn't through bottles or breastfeeding. Thanks to Taís, we were able to get the sleep we needed to care for our older children and, at the same time, make sure our youngest were safe and healthy." M., W.A.


"Taís is amazing! Her approach to care is patient-centered and caring. She has a wealth of knowledge that she shared to make my pre-labor, labor, and birth as smooth as possible. Her techniques are based on research and experience. And her approach truly allowed me to have the best birth possible. She also graciously supported my husband, giving him tips and tools to support me during labor. Taís is wonderful; I wholeheartedly valued having her as part of my experience of birth." C., W.A.

"Taís is very affectionate not only with our newborn, but also with us as a family. We are so lucky to have her help with postpartum care, both night and day. It's such an intense time without her by our side." E., W.A.


"Taís helped as our doula at the birth of our firstborn and was extremely helpful in preparing not only for the day of the birth, but for what followed. We chose her after our interviews as she spent a lot of time getting to know us and our situation and going over various books and other details and didn't just try to send us a contract after a brief conversation. This was quite representative of her work ethic and behavior as on each visit she spent hours going over many details and exercises and conveyed a lot of information that we had no idea about that we needed to know.

I felt incredibly prepared after several sessions leading up to the birth, and she kept an open line of communication outside of those meetings. The day of the birth went well with her by our side and I felt much more comfortable with her there. After we brought our son home, she visited us a few more times to help with feeding positions, sleeping tips, giving him his first bath, and overall was very helpful in not only bringing our son safely into the world, but also making sure we kept him safe and happy until we got things sorted out.

I would 100% recommend Taís if you need a friendly, helpful face during one of the most difficult times for husband and wife!" S., WA

How can I support you?

In the past, we lived in communities where friends and family cared for women in labor and their families afterward. As our world and communities change, we are called to play the role of guide, believer, advocacy teacher, and friend to so many families.

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