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Thrive as a new parent... with skills and tools from birth to bathtime

Doula services, education, and support for growing families.

You don’t have to struggle as a new parent. 


Sure, there will be times when you'll feel overwhelmed and over-the-moon in the same breath. 


But you should never, ever have to navigate new parenthood alone.


I’m a doula and I am here to help you get off to the best start possible.

Giving Birth


Doula at Home


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Bebê recém-nascido

A doula is like having a wise mom, baby book, and personal concierge in your back pocket. I'm here to make your new life easier.


Sometimes I do stuff for you, sometimes with you, but mainly I’m here to show you how to take care of your baby, provide tools and resources, and build your skills so you become a powerful parent.


If you’ve read this far, you’re likely thinking you’re going to need a little help. Maybe you’re worried about labor, or how to swaddle a newborn, or what a NoseFrieda is.*


Well, read on… (link to About Page)

Our Services

How to thrive as a new parent:

  1. Schedule a free consultation

  2. Discover how your needs and my services can work together

  3. Choose the package that best supports your family

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