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Doula Care Services

Como chegamos até aqui

Desde nossa fundação em 2000, nos tornamos mestres em nosso ofício. Com um atendimento incomparável, temos o compromisso de fornecer produtos de qualidade e serviços excepcionais para que nossos clientes sempre voltem a nos procurar. Estamos constantemente nos aprimorando para expandir nossas ofertas a fim de melhor atender toda a região de São Paulo.

Amamentação do bebê

Better than an Operator Manual: Personalized Newborn Care Support for your travel

Because taking care of a newborn is inherently unpredictable... can be incredibly comforting to know you have a newborn care specialist by your side. We will talk about what to expect with a new baby, help you navigate postpartum adjustment, provide in-the-moment guidance for whatever pops up on your journey, and support you with options as you make the many decisions involved in infant care and parenting.

What does a Newborn Care Specialist do?

In our Newborn Care Consultations, we will talk about what to expect with a new baby, provide hands-on guidance to develop your skills, and support you with options as you make the many decisions involved in infant care and parenting.


There are so many new things to learn! I can help you with feeding, diapering, bathing, dressing, swaddling, baby-wearing, soothing, and more. I can show you how we can do it side-by-side, or I can coach you from the sidelines. However you want to learn to care for your baby, I will support you. 


I am certified as a Newborn Care Specialist by Newborn Care Solutions.

Here's what I can promise you...

I understand the many challenges of having a new baby and I will never judge what you are doing to navigate this time.

I will take the time to learn your specific preferences.

I will share everything I know, tips, and resources to make your transition into parenthood as smooth as possible. 


As your newborn care specialist, I will do many things for you…

  • Listen to what you are experiencing, your needs, and what is frustrating you without judgment

  • Help you set up a highly functional nursery

  • Guide you and other support people on how to care for your baby

  • Provide hands-on guidance as you develop your baby-care skills

  • Provide education and support for feeding your baby

  • Provide information on the patterns of infant sleep so you can work with your baby’s sleep cycles to support healthy sleep

  • Provide Newborn Care Travel consultation

  • Teach you infant massage skills

  • Provide 7-day-a-week, 8am-10pm text support

  • Provide resources, tips and tricks, and options for your whole family


If that sounds like what you want, the next question is... am I the newborn care specialist for you?

Consultations & Packages

90 minute sessions 

Suggested investment: $150 for one session or package of three for $400

Consultation sessions can be used as you wish. They can be helpful for those who would like personalized guidance around caring for their baby. Your sessions can be in person or via Zoom. Sessions include:

  • Personalized information

  • Strategies for success

  • Routine setting

  • Newborn Care Travel Consultation

  • Resources

  • Handouts and exercises

L., WA

We're grateful for her guidance on establishing healthy eating and sleeping habits for our newborn, setting us up for success as we transition out of the 4th trimester."

M., WA

"Tais is a lifesaver. For a good night’s sleep or to feel taken care of, we can’t recommend her enough. She was able to quickly understand us and our needs and gave us help we didn’t even know we needed."

M., WA

“She is resourceful with anything I’m struggling with relating to breastfeeding and recovery from my c section and will show up the next time with something to make life easier..”

Sliding Scale Fees

Everyone should be able to have a doula if they want one. I offer a sliding scale as one way to acknowledge the differences in income, generational wealth, privilege, and costs of services that exist in our current economy. As a small business owner, I can’t change the systems of economic disparities and social injustice as quickly as I’d like. But this is how I can create more opportunities for equity, change the way business is done, and make a difference in the lives of folks in my community.


Learn more about my sliding scale here...

frequently asked questions

  • Q: Are you available for my due date?
    Please call me or fill out my contact form and I will tell you if I am available for your due date. I limit the number of births I attend to 3 per month, and most people contact me when they are 4-6 months pregnant, but feel free to contact me at any point in your pregnancy.
  • Q: When should I hire you?
    As early as you feel working with me will be helpful to you. We can start to meet and get to know each other, explore your ideas and questions, make plans, and prepare for birth and postpartum whenever you are ready. For most people, that’s around 6-7 months into their pregnancy.
  • Q: What if I am planning a cesarean birth?
    I support you before, during, and after your birth wherever or however it occurs. Due to hospital policies, there are some things I might not be allowed to do. For example, I may not be allowed into the operating room with you. But here’s what I can control: I will be at the hospital with you before your birth to support you as you get ready to meet your baby. If I’m not allowed in the OR with you, I will wait for you in your labor room, or the waiting room, and then join you after your baby is born to help you get settled postpartum. I will visit you at home after you leave the hospital. My services and fee are the same for all types of birth, but we can negotiate if you have special circumstances.
  • Q: Do you have a backup?
    Yes, always. I structure my business to reduce the chance of ever needing one, but I work with another experienced doula to be there in my place in case of emergency, illness, or injury. A Meet & Greet can be arranged if you’d like to meet my backup doula. I ensure you will be covered if I can’t be there!
  • Q: How much experience do you have?
    I have been a doula since 2018 and have worked with over 100 families. You can read about my training and experience here. (link to About Me page)
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