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All About My Sliding Scale

What is a sliding scale?


A sliding scale is an alternative to a set fee. Instead of charging one fixed amount for my services, I list a Suggested Investment and clients can determine a percentage of that which they can afford. You can pay from 25% to 150% of the Suggested Investment based on your ability to pay.


I will never ask you to show proof of your income or living expenses. “Proving oneself” is part of patriarchal and colonial systems that keep power over others. I simply ask that you take into account the ways in which opportunity and oppression impact your life and consider how to support economic justice for all. Together, we can create equity on a personal and local level. 


Here are some of the many factors that contribute to financial oppression:

  • Marginalization through racism, homophobia, transphobia, gender identity, or sexual orientation

  • Restricted employment or earning opportunities due to age, immigration status, incarceration history, physical ability, or neurodiversity

  • Lack of medical insurance


Here are some of the many factors that contribute to financial privilege:

  • Access to family money and resources

  • Inherited money

  • Home ownership

  • Money in retirement or investment accounts

  • A high level of education in the absence of other marginalized identities

  • If you work part time or not at all by choice, or otherwise choose to not access your earning power, please consider yourself in this category


How sliding scale options support everyone

When you pay the Suggested Investment, know that you are helping to cover the costs of my services such as my time, training, and supplies. When you pay below the Suggested Investment, know you are allowing the community to help support your needs. When you pay above the Suggested Investment, know that you are helping to support my business and our greater community. If you are unable to afford the low end of the scale, please let me know and we can work something out.

This scale is intended to be an opportunity to think about what contributes to financial well-being. It invites you to take a deeper look at what constitutes economic privilege. Most importantly, it is a way to challenge a capitalist society and work for economic justice locally. It is not intended to cause stress, so don’t fret about what you should pay. Pay what feels right.

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